Jeff Connolly is well-prepared to continue as a Bonner County Commissioner; Jeff restores calm and common sense to county government. He has 15 years leadership experience on Priest River City Council, five years as the incumbent District 2 County Commissioner, a career in local private industry (both as employer and employee) and collaborative problem solving efforts that have helped create over 400 private sector jobs.

Elect Jeff Connolly on May 17 on the Republican primary ballot. Choose responsive, responsible county government that works constructively with all, represents us all and is fiscally responsible. No party affiliation? Request a Republican ballot and register Republican on the spot. Not registered? When you go to vote, bring proof of residence and photo ID to register.

UPDATE on the News Page: Misinformation on the County Growth Rate.

UPDATE: Jeff spoke recently at the North Idaho Way gathering; check out his talk starting at the 36 minute mark at this link.

Independents and Democrats are changing party affiliation to Republican in an effort to combat political extremism from the far right; read the full story here.

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